CoffeTrend Magazine

CoffeeTrend Magazine is a monthly journal with an attractive modern graphic design, dealing with the topics, trends, changes and problems faced by coffee professionals with a straightforward and coffee-specific house style.

It features comment, up-to-date reports and informative articles which bring together all those who believe in the worldwide dissemination of the coffee culture.

In its firm belief in the value of international competition and comparison, Newscai has decided to publish the journal in editions translated into six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean) so as to involve roasters as well as professional buyers worldwide.
The visibility guaranteed by the breadth of the journal’s distribution is enhanced by a full editorial schedule which ensures its presence at all the main coffee meetings and trade fairs around the world.

The international outlook characterising the CoffeeTrend journalists has enabled the journal to cultivate contacts with the major publications and organisational organs in the coffee industry.