Moltotostato is a publication launched by Newscai to reflect the shifting relations between coffee producers and their respective markets.

Its mission is to act as a sort of ongoing handbook providing monthly reports of opportunities, deadlines, market performances and average consumption figures at national and international level, drawing on information from leading market players.

The main themes identified by the Newscai writers are discussed in the following columns:

  • Italian Panorama, whose content deals with trends and monthly coffee prices in the domestic market;
  • Stock Exchange, with comment, analysis and updates on the main coffee producer and consumer countries, and figures from the major world bourses;
  • News on laws and regulations and a monthly deadline list interviews with major market players.

The expansion of the distribution of Moltotostato to companies working in the vending sector in Italy, bringing it into line with the almost blanket coverage already given to Italian roasters.

The idea was to act as a link between the roasting industry and a market segment – machine vending – enjoying vigorous growth. The high visibility given by this expansion of the journal’s readership is designed to stand as a showcase for all the companies and products to be presented in its pages.

All the companies and products featured in Moltotostato will enjoy even greater exposure on the strength of the journal’s presence at all the coffee trade events held in Italy.